CHI Ceramic Round Nylon Brushes

CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brushes

CHI Ceramic Round Nylon Brushes

CHI 44 Ceramic Barrel
No hot or cold spots
Reflects the heat back to the hair, cutting down the drying time
Dries the hair from the inside out up to 50% faster
Maintains a more even temperature
Utilizes Far Infrared/Negative Ions
Non slip handle makes styling easy
CHI 44 Bristles - Ceramic Nylon
Long lasting special heat resistance
Provides tangle free styling
Eliminates frizz and static electricity
Suitable for fine, normal and coarse hair


Micro - 1⁄3” 
Mini - ½” 
Extra Small - ¾” 
Small - 1” 
Medium - 1¼” 
Large - 1½” 
Jumbo - 2” 

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